Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 3

Masters of Photography

I think DeCarava was considered a "Master of Photography" because around the time when he started to photograph, he was able to document the Harlem Renaissance and photograph all prominent Blacks in the community.  He also captured the everyday life of the Harlem residents and give a peek into the culture.

Parks was considered a "Master of Photography" because as journalist and a employee of Life Magazine he was able to participate in social movements through his photography.  He was allowed to document peoples lives that were apart of the struggle.

I think Meatyard is considered a "Master of Photography" because he was a photographer that photographed is family and friends.  He wasn't your usual photographer out to take pictures of a movement, he staged photo's and used props.  He was a pioneer and ahead of his time. 

My personal pictures

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog #2

The Weather Vane, Self Portrait, 2010

Cig Harvey @
Jole Soroka Gallery
July 1 - September 30, 2010

I chose this picture because of the mystery behind the image, it kinda leaves me with an uneasy feeling of wondering.  The image almost looks unreal.

Paper, Charcoal, Plexiglass 

Lauren Fensterstock @
Sienna Gallery
New York, NY
August 20 -  September 26, 2010

I like this particular image because Fensterstock made this enviroment out of paper, charcoal, and plexiglass and it looks real.  The plexiglass is made to look like reflective water.

Mona Kuhn : Native @
Scott Nichols Gallery
San Francisco, CA
September 9- October 30, 2010

I like this picture because of the romantic feeling I get from this image.  The title "Lovers" and the softness of the image work great together.

My Personal images

Palm tree in Tustin California, September 11, 2010

This is one of the things I love about California.

Fruit Platter, September 11, 2010

This was a fruit platter made by my sister future in-law, it was made at her engagement party.

Swanky Bathroom, September 10, 2010

This image I took in the bathroom of the hotel we stayed in on our trip in California.  It was a very swanky spot. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog #1
Barbershop, Simone + Antonia, NY, 1963

William Kline Exhibition @
Fifty One Fine Art Photography
9 September - 9 October 2010
in Antwerp, Belgium

I love this photo because of the vibrant colors.  The pink on the barbershop and the colors on the models are very eye catching! G=&gid=425932208&which=&rta=

Kew Gardens, 2009. Philip Treacy

Cathleen Naundorf 
Fashion Stills / Si la mode m'était contée exhibiting @
Polka Galerie
10 Feb - 3 Jan 2011
in Paris, France

This picture is great because of the texture of the photo and I like the old cinema feel to it.
Untitled from the "Asor" series

Graciela Iturbide - Asor exhibiting @
Rose Gallery
24 Jul - 19 Sep 2010
in Santa Monica, CA

I  like the high contrast image.  The dark flower in contrast to the clouds look heavenly.

My personal images:

Gold Antique Table Sep 2 , 2010

I chose this picture because it is in my grandparents house and I grew loving the way this table looked.

Sun rising 10:39 am Sep. 1 2010

I am not really a landscape type of person, but this shot was taken on my daily walk and it was gorgeous.

Grandmother's Spices Sep. 2, 2010

Just another great item in my grandparents house, I love the yellow.