Saturday, October 8, 2011

Its cold outside today. Photos from out of my windows.

Random images from this past week.

Yesterday at Kaiser, someone made the sign a lil cooler! 
Yes my sister came over and picked me up at 10 in the am to take this pic LOL!

 My sis #BBM

My sis also made me take a picture of this 2 person protest outside ADT Security 
and tag it #OccupyADT haha!

 Flowers in my neighborhood

My feet are in the grey peep toe shoes and my girly's  in the sandals
we are enjoying hookah and PBR something we do often @ the Gypsy House Cafe;

 My mommy.

 Its not a black or white thang, its a BROKE thang! LOL! 
My boyfriend says its a hipster thang! #PBR


@ Gypsy House after hours. It was a cipher, but they were sitting in chairs :)