Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Sunday Thang!

My friend invited me to take photos every Sunday of his new production called Conceited Ego and it is put on by Argyle, Paisley & Polka Dots (a.p.p.d)
"Argyle, Paisley & Polka Dots (a.p.p.d), is the creation of founders and principal style consultants John Chapman IV, Keyonna Chapman and Laila Mahmud...the threesome decided in 2003 to combine their skills to build an impeccable stylish group focused on marketing individuals in almost every way imaginable from clothing, special events, music festivals and beyond."

It has been such a fun and exciting experience for me!
Here are some photos from the past two shows.

Conceited Ego episode #1 photos

Conceited Ego episode #2 photos