Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 7 "New Photography"

Roe Ethridge 

I have family back east and I spent a lot of time in the tri-state area and I was always amazed at how these shopping centers would fit so many stores in one small space.  I now spend a lot of time in California and the same thing is going on out there too.  So many stores in one spot makes it impossible to see every store.  I think these stores show just how much we consume and everyone is trying to make make money.

Judith Ross

I love how the focus of this photo is on the girl and the background is blurred.  Plus the glasses are awesome.

I think what is similar in these two images is that they both have a vintage look to them, but only Ross's photo was taken in the 80's while Ethridge's photo was taken in 2004.
The differences are one is a color print and the other is black & white.  Ross has taken a portrait type picture while Ehridge has taken a picture of signs.

to be continued... 

Week 6 Elements

Deborah Willis

I feel this image relates to my own images because of the snapshot quality of the picture.  Its not a real pose for the camera, but could be read as one.

Ryan Mcginley

I can relate this image to my own work because of the natural beauty that is captured in this photo from the young lady.  I love to take photo's of my sisters natural beauty.

Garth McConnell

The vibrant colors in this picture reminds me of the rich color I capture in my color prints and in my graffiti photo's.

My personal images:
Mink Coat Smooth, 2010
Very talented up and coming group managed by Fam 1st Management.

Plat, 2010
Aspiring rapper, Fam 1st Management. 

Photo from my installation in progress "For Colored Girls Only" 2010
This installation is an ongoing project that I am documenting.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Week5 Whitney Biennial

Dan Colen

Derived in part from a detail of Jeff Wall's photograph The Vampire's Picnic (1991)

Cameron Jamie

Cameron Jamie’s work—a blend of video, sound, performance, photography, and drawing—deals with European and American history and culture, in particular their dysfunctional manifestations. 

Ryan Trecartin

Ryan Trecartin's video A Family Finds Entertainment (2004) is a carnivalesque, meandering narrative that chronicles the coming-out of a gay teenager named Skippy.

All three of these images are either still's from video or in Colen's case it was a image derived from a picture that had a cinematic feel to it.  They all come from the not so "normal" peoples lives.

My own images

My daily walk, Oct. 2010

I took this picture on my daily walk on the trail through my neighborhood.  There was a small patch that had been burnt and I thought the contrasting colors were beautiful.

T.V., Oct. 2010

This was a t.v. sticker stuck to an old door downtown, it's cute.

Street Sign, Oct, 2010

I love taking pictures of street signs that have been covered with other peoples collective of signs.  It's great to leave your mark in the world.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Remembering E.C. Cunningham

I found this great image of E.C. on and I think it shows E.C. in his essence doing what he loved.

This was my very first 3 color linocut I made in E.C. class as a young aspiring printmaker some years back.  

Even though I hadn't taken one of his classes in over a year, I seen E.C. almost everyday.  We would pull into the far $2.00 lot everyday and park next to each other.  Pulling into the lot everyday with him always let me know I was on time for class, if I didn't see him that means I was late :)  He always asked me how I was doing and I always said "I'm fine how about yourself"? he would smile and say "I'm good" 

E.C. was a very funny, laid back guy and he will be missed dearly.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cubic Zirconia- Hoes Come Out At Night (Featuring Lex)

This is a video that at first I looked at and then said WTF! The next morning I went to school and I couldn't stop thinking about this video, I wasn't offended, but just one of those video you have to watch twice. I then fell in love with it and it is definitely ART in my book.  Its very visually stunning.  
I took Feminist Art last semester and this video and the dialog reminded me of video we watch with a woman giving birth, but the dialog was very raunchy and talking about having sex.  So at the same time we got to witness such a beautiful experience that was the result of what was being talked about. When I find the video I will post it, but for now...enjoy!

Week 4

Eighty-one projected slide photographs show the east side of Broadway from lower Manhattan to Columbus Circle in wintertime. Streets and buildings reflect bright, early morning light. A recorded voice describes a different set of photographs that the visitor does not see, which appeared in a book titled "Both Sides of Broadway" in 1910. The book tried to capture an entire street in a single volume, reproducing every building standing on Broadway. The pictures were made using negative plates manufactured by the Lumière brothers. Some of the photos show New York's first cinemas, where "story" films had recently replaced "actuality" films, the short non-fiction form of cinema developed by the Lumières. The portability of the Lumières’ motion picture system had transformed everyday life into spectacle and created an appetite for the encyclopedic on an international scale. "One Side of Broadway" leaves the visitor to try to reconcile visual totality with the incomplete record of Broadway she or he sees before them.

Just by looking at Buckingham's I think his work relates to mind because his work is so random.  He has many pictures of many different subjects and I don't usually focus on one subject either.  I'm not sure, but it looks as if he doesn't crop his pictures, and I don't usually crop.

My own work

Birthday Cake Sep. 26, 2010
This was my delicious birthday cake, it was so cute.

The Mercury Cafe Sep. 2010
I work here sometimes working the light's and sound for the plays and this place is so beautiful.
I like this picture because it show a little of the essence. 

Side Stage Sep. 2010
This is the side of the stage at Mercury Cafe and I like this picture because it's so alive with color.